Sapna Nand

Glaucoma Australia

Orthoptist and Senior Patient Educator

Sapna Nand graduated from the University of Sydney in 2008 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Orthoptics). Since graduation, she has worked in private ophthalmology clinics, public hospital eye clinics, and Clinical Trials in retinal diseases.

As Glaucoma Australia's Senior Patient Educator, her primary role is to educate patients on glaucoma and providing them with emotional support throughout their journey. Sapna and her team endeavour to increase appointment and treatment adherence and help detect undiagnosed cases. All this work helps prevent irreversible blindness from glaucoma and maintains a positive quality of life for people living with glaucoma.

Sapna is also a trained Health Counsellor. She recognises the impact of glaucoma on a person's mental and emotional health. She believes her qualifications as an eye care professional, combined with training in counselling and mental health will greatly help her role as a Patient Educator and benefit the individuals and families supported by Glaucoma Australia.

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