2024 incredible line-up of industry leaders

More speakers coming soon!

Dr Tani Brown

Ophthalmologist, Gold Coast Eye and Oculoplastic Surgeons

Dr Brendan Cronin

Ophthalmologist, Queensland Eye Institute

Dr Rushmia Karim

Ophthalmologist, Vision Eye Institute

Dr Kate Reid

Neuro-ophthalmologist, Optic Nerve Canberra, Senior Lecturer ANU Medical School

Dr Brian Ang

Ophthalmologist, Melbourne Eye Specialists

A/Prof Elaine Chong

Ophthalmologist, Head of Ophthalmology at Royal Melbourne Hospital

Dr Mali Okada

Ophthalmologist, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital

Dr Warren Apel

Ophthalmologist, Sunshine Coast Eye and Retina

Prof Celia Chen

Neuro-Ophthalmology, VisionSA Flinders Medical Center and Flinders University

Dr Aanchal Gupta

Ophthalmologist, IVISION Laser

A/Prof Chameen Samarawickrama

Head Of Cornea, Westmead Hospital, Sydney University

Dr Riyaz Bhikoo

Ophthalmologist, Auckland Eye Institute

Dr Jason Cheng

Ophthalmologist, Vision Eye Insitute

Simon Hanna

Professional Service Manager for Bausch and Lomb

Dr Phillipa Sharwood

Ophthalmologist, Queensland Ophthalmic Specialists

On-Demand Speakers

Dr Katie Chen

Ophthalmologist, Queensland Eye and Retina Specialists

Dr Shelley Hopkins

Senior Lecturer in Optometry and Vision Science, School of Clinical Sciences, Queensland University of Technology

Joanna Thabthiang

Clinical Performance Consultant SA/VIC

Dr Tuan Tran

Ophthalmologist, Sunshine Coast Eye and Retina

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